Avoid These 5 Bathroom Renovation Blunders With Top Contractors On The Gold Coast

Are you planning a bathroom renovation to upgrade your home and add value? As one of the top bathroom contractors on the Gold Coast, we have seen many such renovations go wrong. This blog will give top advice on what to avoid when planning your bathroom renovation. Ignoring The Importance Of Professional Advice Many homeowners […]

Top 6 Renovation Trends for Gold Coast Homes

Renovating homes continues to be a booming industry, with homeowners looking to update their properties to increase their aesthetic appeal and improve the functionality and versatility of home spaces. Keeping up with the latest trends for home renovations on the Gold Coast can not only improve your life but also increase the value of your […]

Top 6 Must-Have Features For A Successful Bathroom Renovation

If you have been considering a bathroom renovation, you might feel overwhelmed and frustrated. There are so many features, options and colours to choose from, making it difficult to decide what to do. As a top bathroom renovation company on the Gold Coast, we have got you covered. We are here to guide you through […]

How Home Extensions Can Improve The Quality Of Your Life On The Gold Coast

Are you feeling like your Gold Coast home is bursting at the seams? If your expanding family or changing lifestyle is boxing you in, you are ready to hire professional home extensions services companies on the Gold Coast. As one of the most trusted home renovation companies on the Gold Coast, we have seen the […]

The Recipe for Bathroom Renovation Success

Cracked tiles, leaking pipes and all-too-familiar awkward angles—we understand your bathroom’s challenges. But fear not, renovation warriors! Varli Building, your expert Gold Coast renovation builders, are here to transform your bathroom nightmare into a private oasis of tranquillity. Our Approach to Complex Bathroom Renovations So, how do we tackle the trickiest of bathroom renos? We […]

Pros And Cons Of Renovation vs. Rebuilding

When deciding between renovating and rebuilding a home, homeowners often face complex considerations. Each option has its own advantages and challenges; your repair strategy depends on your circumstances, preferences and constraints. Varli Building, a front-runner among renovation companies on the Gold Coast, offers tailored expertise to guide homeowners through this decision. Renovating Pros: Preservation of […]

When is the right time for Gold Coast apartment renovations?

When it comes to Gold Coast apartment renovations, timing is everything. Discover the optimal moments to embark on your refurbishment journey, balancing cost-effectiveness and convenience in this blog. Read on for the best times to create your dream space without disrupting your life too much. Choose a quiet period Holiday seasons are never a good […]

Read this before you hire renovation builders on the Gold Coast

In the quest for a successful home renovation, choosing the right contractor is paramount. Affordability is often high on everyone’s list, but don’t make the mistake of sacrificing a quality renovation service just to save a few dollars. Here is some additional insight from our experts at Varli Building to help you on your way. […]

Exploring The Positive Psychological Impact Of Home Extensions

Home extensions on the Gold Coast can have a profoundly positive impact on your psyche, thanks to a phenomenon known as biophilia. Biophilia is the idea that human beings have an inherent connection with nature and are drawn to open spaces. This is why many people find it stressful to be in small and enclosed […]