Home Renovation Strategies To Boost Resale Value

There are several reasons why you might want to carry out a full house renovation on the Gold Coast. One of the best reasons is to renovate it for resale.

Let’s take a look at some renovation ideas and strategies that can boost the resale value of your house.


It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it is most certainly one of the first places that homebuyers will look at when considering buying a house. Therefore, renovating your kitchen can play a tangible role in boosting your home’s resale value.

Some of the things you could do to improve the appeal of your kitchen are to install new cabinets and benchtops. If the cabinets are older and outdated, installing modern and more stylish cabinets and more durable countertops made of materials such as granite can transform not only the look of your kitchen but also its functionality.

Many home buyers are also looking for energy efficiency in their kitchens, so installing energy-efficient appliances might also add value.


Next to the kitchen, bathrooms are the other most looked-at aspect for homebuyers, with many of them claiming the bathroom is a make-or-break factor. Therefore, remodelling your bathroom can add significant value to your home and is well worth the effort.

Simple ways to renovate your bathroom could include swapping out old and outdated fixtures with more modern, water-efficient ones. You could also look at upgrading the tiles and flooring to give the bathroom a reinvigorated, fresh look and feel.

Exterior Appeal Enhancements

To attract more buyers, you should be aware that the exterior will create an impression that may help or hinder your goal of attracting buyers. To this end, carrying out a little landscaping won’t hurt to enhance the look of your home.

However, when it comes to the building itself, you would do well to give the house a fresh coat of paint and repair any issues with the roofing, gutters or gates. This is particularly important around the front door so that your home has a more inviting look.

Open It Up

Knocking down a few walls in your home to create an open floor plan can entice buyers.

Open floor plans also give a home greater flexibility, allowing residents to design and set up their interior as they see fit.

Energy Efficiency

In the modern era, with climate change at the top of mind, energy efficiency is a huge selling point. Homes that allow lots of natural light in and that minimise the amount of electricity needed for lighting as well as for heating and cooling are appealing.

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