The Important Role That Light Plays In Renovations

Do you want to transform your home by doing some rebuilding and refitting? It is important that you consider the impact that light can have on the design. Gold Coast renovation builders like the Varli Building team know how to use both artificial and natural light to complement and accentuate your home’s features, maximising its potential to create the best renovation possible.

Let us take a look at the impact that light can have on your home renovation and consider ways to maximise its potential.

Improve Mood and Ambience

One of the most important aesthetic impacts that lighting can have is on the overall mood and ambience of a room. The colour of the light, as well as its direction, source and quantity, all serve to have a notable impact on the way a space feels ‒ for better or worse.

Maximising natural light during the day can make a space feel fresh, open and inviting. It can boost the mood of the house and make it feel a more cheerful place to be.

On the contrary, rooms that depend more on artificial lighting can be designed to feel more cosy and snug with carefully chosen light fitting placements and globe types to create the ambience that you are looking for.

Reduce Energy Consumption

By maximising natural light through the installation of larger windows and skylights, for example, you can not only improve the atmosphere of the house but also reduce its reliance on electricity to produce light during the day. This can contribute to the home’s overall reduced carbon footprint and can help reduce your energy bill as well.

Where natural light cannot be relied upon, the installation of energy-efficient lighting solutions ‒ such as LEDs ‒ can also help.

Enhance Architectural Features

When renovating your home, it could be a good idea to use carefully placed light fixtures or strategically positioned natural light sources to highlight and accentuate key architectural features. This can significantly boost the aesthetic appeal of the building and draw attention to some of the features you are most proud of. These features could be things like a beautiful archway, stately columns, textured walls or picturesque features such as indoor gardens.

By using light to create carefully chosen focal points, you can significantly enhance natural architectural features of the home in an elegant manner.

If you are on the lookout for quality Gold Coast renovation builders who understand the way that light can transform your home, contact us at Varli Building today and speak to one of the experts on our team!